Wednesday, April 25, 2012

East Coast Momma Entrepreneurs Unite!

I'm a huge fan of mom entrepreneurs. There's something extra special about women who dream up a strategy to fuel a passion for both business and family into a perfect web that works for her. All our momstown mamas are entrepreneurs who run their own momstown chapter as their own event planning and marketing business and I've learned so much from them all.

The momstown entrepreneurial force tends to inspire other entrepreneurs and many chapters host monthly networking and entrepreneur events to connect like-minded business moms.  In fact, momstown even won the Mom Entrepreneur of the Year Award in 2011 and tries our best to mentor and help all mom entrepreneurs.

Hence, my immediate appreciation for the new East Coast Momma Collective that has sprouted up with the passion to unite business moms locally. Their philosophy is stated on the website and is one which is aspirational and so community focused:

"The East Coast Momma Collective (ECMC) is a coming together of Atlantic Canadian Moms who love to knit, sew, bake, decorate… create!" 

"The ECMC hosts 4 Craft Fairs a year in Halifax NS so these talented Moms can sell their unique products in a market-like setting, giving you the chance to buy one-of-a-kind locally made gifts. The ECMC – Fueling Mom-powered pursuits!"

Come on out to St Mary's Boat Club on June 24th 11am - 3pm to support local women in business and score some fabulous, unique items at the ECMC Summer Fair.

For additional inspiration - here are a few entrepreneurial blogs written by our very own momstown team about their insight into the work-at-home business world:
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