Friday, April 20, 2012

10 Springtime Family Fun Ideas

Here comes spring in Halifax and momstown has ideas to make the season as fun and family friendly as possible! Enjoy this top 10 list!

1. Blow Bubbles!
momstown Oakville has a great homemade recipe for bubbles! Blow as many bubbles as possible, hold competitions and practice together!

2. Nature Walk and collect found natural objects.
Gather pinecones, spot blossoming spring bulbs, count robins. Kids love collections and these nature items can kick start a collection. A hike is also great exercise for kids!

3. Earth Day Neighbourhood Clean-up
Pick a green space and arrive with a gloves and a garbage bag and get busy picking up litter like momstown Guelph did. It's a green and community lesson.

4. Bike Safety and Clean Check
Now is the time to blow up the tires, spring clean the bikes (set up a "car wash" station for bikes) and double check helmet fits. Now you're ready to ride! The Chain of Lakes Trail is a beautiful path to bike ride which starts at the Halifax Peninsula and goes right until Bayers Lake Industrial Park.

5. Fly a Kite
K is for Kite! Springtime is such a perfect time to fly a kite in a big open space! Run and the kite will follow!

6. Outdoor Finger Painting!
This is a momstown standard event - we call it Picassos in the Park and we love to get messy with loads of finger paint, long rolls of paper and lots of creativity!

7. Park Hop!
Make a list of all the nearby parks in your neighbourhood or even whole city and create a go-to map to visit them all this season. Make a  mini geography lesson out of it by showing your kids the map and locations. Older kids can keep track of the pros and cons of each park and keep a little rating survey so you know which parks to return to. Here's a list of all the playgrounds in the Halifax region by area, complete with a map!

8. Traditional Games
Hide and Seek, Hopscotch, Tag, Street Hockey..... all of these traditional outdoor games and pursuits aren't logical to our digital kids. Teach them how to play and play with them. You'll have fun too!

9. Build a Construction Site out of Sand.
Pull out the diggers and dump trucks and take them to the nearest sandbox, sandy park or beach along with some shovels and imagination. Such fun for all ages to build together. No one every tires of sand in their shoes!

10. Plant a Garden
Need family friendly garden ideas? momstown shared the top crops to plant with your children - fast growing options are lots of fun! Take a trip to the garden centre with your kids to get them excited and set the garden up together.

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