Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Traveling with Kids: Peggy's Cove

After we left Peggy of the Cove and the wonderful painted house, we made our way to Peggy's Cove. I was so looking forward to seeing this "IN REAL LIFE" as I actually have two paintings in my house that were given to me as gifts, so it was time to see this place for myself. Our first stop was the swissair flight 111 memorial at Whalesback. I was a bit concerned that my oldest would be worried about taking the plane home after attending this memorial, but she seemed fine.

enjoying a snack and the view
Peggy's Cove in the distance
We really appreciated how the memorial blends in with the beautiful surroundings, with amazing views of the ocean and Peggy's Cove in the distance. It is lovely, understated and a beautiful memorial.

Peggy's Cove was next just a 5 minute drive and we were there... such a small place with lots of tour buses!! Luckily we chose a cloudy day so the crowds were not crazy! Regardless it is a beautiful place! I was told that it was not kid friendly, as you cannot get a stroller onto the rocks and well they will just be bored... but we did just fine!

The two older girls explored the rocks, CAREFULLY, with our two year old holding our hand the entire time, and we managed to get a few pictures of us as well, but not of the whole family...
Four out of Five family members

Safely exploring with a two year old (hand in shirt)

In almost all of the pictures of our two year old, she has her hand in her shirt, or my favorite, that I didn't notice until we got home, with her hands in her pants!!... I had no idea why she kept doing it, until near the end of our exploring she said "Mommy big owie Tummy!" and then the mess! Thank goodness for the Huggies Wipes we packed and the tourism information place and their bathrooms with a large change table!!

Sometimes it is the small things that really make the trip, especially when traveling with kids, right? 

Where is your hand??
So how do you deal with a "runny tummy?" In our house we have competing views, my husband's the Zimbabwean "remove all food until better" and my "Canadian" BRATY diet. Any other tricks?

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